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Dumpling Empire 水餃帝國

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― Dumpling Empire in South San Francisco is the fantastic Chinese-style lunch and dinner destination! ―

South San Francisco, CA

Dumpling Empire

― Welcome to Dumpling Empire―

With the largest selection of dumplings on Grand Ave, a kitchen staff fully immersed in China’s culinary tradition serves up fresh delights each day. 

We are open for taking out and delivery .

“The food was delicious, and I’m looking forward to ordering again.”

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Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Pork cabbage dumplings
Pork cabbage dumplings
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Spice Marinated beef
Spice Marinated beef
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Beef tendon noodle
Beef tendon noodle​
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Shanghai Soup dumplings
Shanghai Soup dumplings
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Garlic String Beans
Garlic String Beans
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Vegetarian potstickers
Vegetarian potstickers
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Chicken Wonton Soup
Chicken Wonton Soup
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Crispy Chicken Wings
Chicken Wonton Soup
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Shanghai Soup dumplings
Chicken Fried Rice
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Green Onion Pancake
Green Onion Pancake
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Xiao Long Bao
Xiao Long Bao
Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice

― Dumpling Empire provides a consistently delicious to you ―

Dumpling Empire-South San Francisco-水饺帝国-水餃帝國-dumpling-1333

Mon - Sun

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― Open From 11am Til 9pm ―

At Dumpling Empire, we don’t do frozen dumplings, our dumplings are ALL made fresh in house, and we have endless options of Chinese food, ready to order and take away. 


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Dumpling Empire

216 Cypress Ave South San Francisco CA, 94080

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*We reserve the right to cancel your reservation and release a table if you do not arrive within 15 minutes after the reservation time.

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